According to research, the attention spans of children are short. Children of age five years can concentrate for only 10 to 15 minutes. Teachers often find it hard to deliver lectures due to this inattentiveness. Here are five ways you can keep the students engaged in class.

Make appropriate activity

The activities that you arrange for the pupils must be appropriate for their age. They should find it interesting. For example, if the task is too hard then the child won’t do and start misbehaving. You should explain the task clearly and tell your child what they should learn.

Give choices

There are many ways a child can learn. Some children learn visually where others learn well by listening. There are children who learn better by doing things practically. You should allow the children to choose the method they are comfortable in.

Have breaks

You should have breaks after some time. This small change of focus will give rest to the brain. So, children will be able to better concentrate later. Try to make it a normal part of the daily routine.

Give opportunities to move

You should let the children move around after some time. For example, make the lesson such that the children need to complete two worksheets. They need to complete one worksheet and then walk to the front desk and collect the other worksheet.

Give rewards

You can practice giving rewards for small achievements like finishing tasks early or getting the highest mark in class, etc. This will encourage them to study.

These tips will make the children more engaged. They will be able to concentrate more on studies and find interest in it. You must try these approaches in class.

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