Welcome to Carden School Camarillo!

We are a friendly primary school in Adelaide having the objective of providing the best education to children in the community. In this site, you will find updated information and news for both the students and the parents.

Our purpose is to educate children and provide equal opportunities for all to achieve their highest academic standard. We offer education in a friendly and co-operative environment. Parents play a key part in our education system. We always take feedback and advice from parents regarding our school.

Our children enjoy a happy school life and develop the desire to learn. They acquire basic skills so that their foundation becomes strong. We provide the room for creativity and research at a very early stage of their school life. This helps them to enjoy their studies instead of just memorizing things from the book. We encourage our children to learn and play together. We teach them to share and show respect to the opinions of others.

Through our education, we ensure that our children flourish intellectually, physically and socially as well. If you have any queries regarding our school, please feel free to contact us.

Our Location

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