Our school opened in 2001. Since then it went through three major upgrades. Now we have three buildings. Students have bigger rooms. We have all the state-of-the-art facilities that a modern school has. Here are some of the highlights of our facilities.


The classrooms are spacious and well illuminated. Every classroom has WiFi and smart boards. The classes are equipped with all the new teaching resources and technology available today. There are outdoor learning spaces as well to help students concentrate and have a different learning experience.

Playground and other activities

There is a large playground for the children to play. There is also a separate sports hall, drama and dance studio. Recently we have invested in a swimming pool that is absolutely safe for the children to use.

Laboratories and library

The science laboratory is well equipped with all the safety measures in place. The ICT room has enough desktop machines so that each student can have access to one machine during class time. The library is huge and has lots of books to help to enrich the students’ knowledge.

Other facilities

Each building has multiple toilets. They are clean and well maintained all the time. There are several group activity rooms where students can work on their projects. There is a cafeteria where you can get snacks and lunches. We make sure that all the food are full of nutrients and proper hygiene is maintained in the area.

We have a huge number of staffs who help us running the school smoothly. The teachers are talented and highly trained. The school is an example of how a modern school should be. nike air max nike air max

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